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Departure from Cusco to the south for a one hour drive, we reachthe highest part of the road at the Occopata community (4000. masl). There are quite impressive mountain views along the road driving down to the Yaurisque village.
From Yaurisque we need in 20 more minutes to arrive in the tiny Waynacancha hamlet, the starting point for a one hour trek along a rather steep trail to the Puma Orco carved rock. 
Puma Orco – also called Tamputocco - was for the Incas a very sacred place. The myth of the Inca origins said that the four Ayar brothers and their wifes emerged from four caves underneath the huge rock. One of them, Ayar Manco, called afterwards Manco Capac, was the mythical founder of the Inca kingdom.
After allowing about one hour for visiting the site, we continue to the large Inca site of Maukallaqta, on the opposite side of the valley. With over 200 masonry structures,Maukallacta is closely associated with the nearby rock outcrop and cave of Puma Orco, and both together were one of the most sacred temples for the Incas.
It takes about 45 minutes from Puma Orco to reach Maukallacta and one more hour to visit the impressive temples and ruins, beeing also a good place for having box lunch.
Both sites were the worshiping place of the important Paccariqtambo rituals and scenario of sumptuous yearly celebrations. Today, every year takes place in Maukallacta the Ayar Raimi (or feast of the Ayar brothers), one week before the Inti Raimi in Cusco.
Finally, we start the one hour walk down to Waynacancha (said to be the place where Manco Capac impregnated his wife Mama Ocllo). Drive back to Cusco, arrival late afternoon. 
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    Maukallaqta und Puma Orqo
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